We’ve Been Matched!

Adoption Through Foster Care / Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

matched adoption

Yes, these are the ones! The ones we were praying for!

There was nothing like that day when we got the call. Our hearts were racing, and we couldn’t breathe. We never let go of our prayer for those sweet kids we saw on the TARE website – Lord, we pray for the best family for them, even if it isn’t us. We answered the phone that day, and our agent said, “well… they picked you.”  We couldn’t believe it! It was a surreal feeling!

It is humbling to think that God chose us as the best family for them. And – a bit overwhelming. God, you trust us this much? But, what if we can’t live up to the best for them? Overwhelming joy and thoughts like these flood your mind when you get that call. All the wait for that moment.

More trusting God for strength and wisdom and more prayer ahead! It’s the only way to be the best parents these kids deserve.

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