The Pre-Adoption Checklist – My One Big Tip

Adoption Home Study, Preparing for Adoption / Friday, March 7th, 2014

adoption checklist


While I appreciate the fact that we have a detailed checklist of items to complete before we are ready for our adoption home study and “verification” as an adoptive family, it is a bit daunting – even for an organized and detail oriented person like myself.

There are a few important things to remember such as taking the list one step or item at a time, relying on the help of the agency specialists, and remembering to breathe… but I’ve found one other tip that really has helped me conquer this giant quickly and efficiently.

My tip – ask yourself,  “what can I do right now?”

This question helps focus your attention on the one thing or few things that can be accomplished right now, with the 5 minutes or 5 hours you have available at the moment. I was able to knock out four different forms during the 20 minute break we had between classes one day simply because I looked at the checklist and asked myself this question – “What can I get done right now?” I realized that day that these four forms only had a few items to fill in and signatures. I quickly filled in the information, asked dear hubby to sign, and turned them in at the back – 4 items checked off, just like that! After our CPR class, I quickly snapped a picture of the certification cards with my lovely phone and emailed them over to our case manager in an instant – another check off the list.

Granted, I understand some parts of the checklist are a little more complicated. Assess your time and determine what you can knock out – right now. Before you know it, you will be accomplishing more than you thought and have your list knocked out.

No matter what, don’t let that horrible statistic be true for you and your family… paperwork stands as the number one barrier to adoption – not approvals or matching, but a checklist of forms and preparatory tasks.

You CAN do it! One task at a time!

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