Hurry Up and Wait

Adoption Through Foster Care, Deciding to Adopt / Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Waiting is never fun – especially in adoption. It seems like they want you to “hurry up” and get all the paper work and tasks completed, but then you have to wait on people to email you, call you back, or fit you in their schedules. Then of course, wait to be matched.

During this process of working through the mound of paperwork, we’ve had to wait more on a few things here at the end than we have so far in the process. Unfortunatley, our home address is outside of city limits and serviced for fire, patrol, and water by another city. In trying to complete our fire inspection, we’ve been playing tag trying to find the right person who will finally come out and sign off on our home. Despite numerous phone calls and emails, we are still waiting to see who the right contact will be.

BUT, we did get our health inspection completed yesterday. Pretty painless. AND, we also were invited to our last step before being verified for adoption – attending the “Family Compliance” class.

I know I’ve been a little impatient during this time, but God has brought back to my memory something Kelly Rosati said at the Focus on the Family “Wait No More” Conference we attended last summer. She spoke about how impatient we are in comparison to how long these children in foster care have been waiting… We get irritated when we have to wait for a stoplight, and these children are waiting years for a family to love them. Maybe you, like me, need to reread that last part and let it sink in a little.

It puts things in perspective. So, instead of being impatient, I choose to wait in prayer for our future children that we will soon bring home – who are waiting, not knowing that we even exist yet. I pray God will give them the strength they need to hold in there a little longer. We, their forever family, will soon shower them with love.

If you haven’t read Kelly’s book, I highly recommend it to you. She shares her testimony of how God built their family through foster care adoption. It will encourage and inspire you – especially if you are in a time of waiting.

Adoption really is worth the wait.

Wait No More

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