How to Easily Create a Floor Plan for Foster & Adoption Inspections

Adoption Home Study, Adoption Through Foster Care, Preparing for Adoption / Friday, April 25th, 2014

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Woo hoo! Our fire inspection is complete, and we are cleared to have our home study next Friday. We are quite excited! One compliment the fire marshal gave us was that our evacuation floor plan was one of the best he’s seen! He mentioned that many people struggle with making a floor plan.

I searched the internet over to find the “easiest” way to make a floor plan. I honestly thought an iPad app would be the easiest, but it actually turned out to be the most complicated. I stumbled upon a YouTube video about how to EASILY make a floor plan in Excel, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Here is a link to the video – How to Make a Floor Plan in Excel. Basically, you decrease the cell width, select the number of cells to represent the area of each room, and change the borders and shading to match each room’s features.

10 Easy Steps to an Awesome Floor Plan

  1. Open a new workbook in Excel
  2. Select all the cells and decrease the width so the cells are square
  3. Starting at one corner of your house, create your first room by selecting the number of cells needed for the area of the room (10 ft. x 10 ft. room would need 10 x 10 cells selected)
  4. Change the shading of the cells and fill with a color f your choice
  5. Change the borders of cells that share an exterior wall to a wider/bold border
  6. Change the borders of cells that share an interior wall to a lighter line border
  7.  Continue in this manner until you have created each room and changed its borders
  8. Use different style cell borders for windows, doors, and other features
  9. Insert shapes and change the shading and borders to help with odd angles in your floor plan (we had some angled hallways and closets that we needed triangles to help make the plan correct)
  10. Insert a star or letter E to indicate your fire extinguishers if necessary

Don’t forget to save your file as a PDF file so that it will be easily view-able by others if sending electronically.

*You can also use the same file, “save as” your evacuation floor plan, and insert arrows to indicate your evacuation routes. You can change the arrows to a bright color and type in any special notes before you save or print your file.

Feel free to check out our completed floor plan files – with and without evacuation routes.

PDF file Floor Plan

PDF file Floor Plan with Evacuation Routes

XLS file Floor Plan

XLS file Floor Plan with Evacuation Routes

Check out this helpful video by eHowTech

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