Approved for Adoption: What Now?

Adoption Through Foster Care / Thursday, September 18th, 2014

adoption approved what now

It is exciting to be officially licensed! We’ve conquered the dreaded checklist, fought to not be another statistic and are 100% approved by the state to adopt children from foster care. We are now ready to submit our home study to be matched with children. Sometimes our agent receives notifications of children in the local region which they will pass on to us and you are able to look on the TARE website for profiles of children ready to be adopted.

We have a special sibling group of a boy and girl in mind that we learned about from the TARE website. After seeing their picture and reading their profiles, Matt and I sat on the bed with tears in our eyes holding the laptop. What a strange and amazing feeling when you see sweet children’s faces and think that those children could be yours. Our agent submitted our home study to be reviewed as a fit for those kids. We should know in a few weeks if we are chosen for them.

(Keep reading our blog to find out what happens…)

Once you submit your home study to be considered as a forever family, the agent representing a foster child or children will have a staffing meeting with others involved in the case such as court appointed advocates and the children’s psychologist or counselor. This committee reads through all the home studies submitted. They will choose the best family from those submitted. In some cases if there are lots of home studies submitted (usually in cases of infants or those under 5 years), they will narrow the families interested down to their top two or three families before having a staffing meeting to choose the final forever family.

If we are chosen, their agent will submit detailed files about the children’s history to our agent, and we will read through their history together. Before we meet the kids, we will have to decide based on their detailed files if we will commit to be their forever family.

It is a long process to become licensed, especially with transferring agencies, but this is what all the hard work is for! Now the exciting part! Well…. more waiting, then the exciting part.

Check out this link to state adoption websites.

Yes, states do allow inter-state adoption. Check with your specific state agency for specific details.

TARE Adoption Website

adoption matching

Trust the Matching Process to God

Over the last few days, our agent has sent us more information about different ways they approach the matching process now that we are licensed and ready for kiddos (to keep in mind in the case that we are not chosen for the two we submitted interest for already). It is hard thinking about not getting kids that we think are a perfect fit for our family, but the ultimate reality is that our original prayer is still the prayer we need to keep praying – God bless these kids with the BEST family – even if it isn’t us. We meant it and will continue to pray that prayer in faith. God knows our hearts, our families, our strengths and weaknesses. He knows those children’s pains, struggles, needs, dreams, and deepest desires. God is the one who places the lonely in families. God is the one who will do the matching for us and for the adopted children ready for families – not CPS, CASA, lawyers, or judges. Don’t get me wrong – it will probably still be a long, emotional journey, but keeping the ultimate truth in our hearts and maintaining a place of surrender to God brings us an indescribable peace in the midst of anxiousness and excitement (and maybe a little fear). We will press on with one of our favorite quotes from the movie, Facing the Giants – “If we win, we will praise Him, and if we lose, we will praise Him.” But, most of all – Lord, place those kids with the BEST family for them – even if it isn’t us!


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