Adoption Day is Here!

Adoption Through Foster Care, Adoptive Placement, Post Adoption / Thursday, May 28th, 2015

adoption day its official

It was such a wonderful day! The adoption is final, and we are all official!

I cannot believe that it has been six months of having our kids with us. Time flies by so fast. Looking back, we have all come very far as a family. I flipped through a photo album of when we first met and can’t believe the transformation that is already taken place. One thing we are most proud of is that both kids have chosen to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and will soon be baptized. We have certainly had our trials, but we are thankful for God bringing us to and through this great adventure.

We heard stories of all sorts of crazy things going wrong on other’s adoption day in court, but our day went so smoothly. We invited our in-town relatives to the adoption at the courthouse (ended up being about 30 people  – the most our caseworker has ever seen attend an adoption) and treated everyone to a special brunch afterwards. Our judge was so nice and personable. She invited our whole family up to the front to celebrate and take pictures. She even let the kids hit the gavel! In their mind – the best part of the entire day! We couldn’t have asked for things to have gone more smoothly. We also hired a professional photographer to capture the day. It was definitely one of the best decisions ever. It was nice to have everything come together so perfectly, especially since this will be a day we all remember forever.

Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of our special day!

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