Adoption Day Brunch & Adoption Gift Ideas

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adoption day brunch

If you know me, you know that I love to plan parties and make special occasions extra special. We decided on having our large family celebration on the weekend of our 10th wedding anniversary in August, but we also wanted to make their official adoption day super special. So, we decided on having a celebratory brunch following our court session.

The restaurant was gracious to let me come the day before and set up their meeting room for our celebration. Since I owe many thanks to all of the wonderful people who share their great ideas on Pinterest, I thought I would share pictures of the adoption brunch I set up for our adoption day!


Happy Adoption Day!



I feel in love with these mylar balloons I ran across at Dollar Tree. I thought the phrase “It’s Your Day” was perfect since adoption related items are not easy to find. The colors also coordinated well. I mixed those with some regular balloons with high-float from Party City.

You may wonder why you saw the kids names, adoption date, and initials throughout our pictures. We chose to change our kids names at adoption, and we wanted to celebrate their new names. I will explain about our decision to change their names upon adoption in another post. As part of our brunch, we explained to our family the meanings and scriptures behind the names we had chosen. We also prayed over them and allowed them to open gifts.


Adoption Gifts for Older Kids

Several members of our family asked us what we thought would be appropriate gifts since our kids were not babies.

We chose to give them new bibles with their new names imprinted on them. We also got her an infinity ring and him a handmade leather wallet with his new initials. We thought these were the most special gifts, and we reserved those for us to give.

We guided our relatives to think about things that might highlight the kids’ new names but also be practical. My mom chose to find beach towels for each and have their names embroidered since they love to go swimming. My mother-in-law chose to go with overnight bags which she also had embroidered.

Some chose to give decor pieces for their rooms and wooden initials to hang in their rooms. Even if you chose not to change your adoptive children’s names, you can still celebrate your child’s new last name and give gifts related to your family name.

Personalized gifts are always great, but those don’t have to be name related. Maybe consider what the kids enjoy most – like swimming and create a gift bag or basket related to that theme.

Other relatives chose to give all of us gifts from James Avery jewelry. James Avery offers a variety of quality jewelry pieces related to Christianity, family, love, and they even offer a special adoption piece or two. We also received family related gifts such as picture frames and inspirational art. 

Don’t forget to invite your CPS workers other important adults. The bears in this photo were given by the CPS office we worked with closely who were not able to attend since we live so far apart. I thought it was very thoughtful for them to mail the bears for them to open on their adoption day.


I made a couple of gift idea lists to help out anyone struggling to come up with a great gift idea for an adoption celebration.

Adoption gift ideas for older kids

Adoption gift ideas for the family

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