Adoption Anniversary

Celebrating Adoption / Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Two years ago today we stood at the courthouse to make official the craziest adventure of our lives – adoption of two kids from foster care. Not only were we adopting, but we were adopting older kids, siblings at that, and becoming parents for the first time – a crazy, beautiful adventure. I can’t believe it’s been two years now. It’s also been two years since my last blog post, partly because becoming a parent has been a super busy time for us but partly because we experienced many emotions and challenges in these last two years that I wasn’t yet prepared to write about. On this side of it all, I’m ready to continue sharing our adventure – our beautiful mess. My hope is that God will use our experience to encourage and enlighten you – wherever you stand in adoption.

As adoptive parents, we’ve made some terrible mistakes, learned some costly lessons, and have now stood through the storm to see God’s great work in our little family. Some stories are so crazy you may not even believe them and some so wonderful you’ll feel the joy right along with us.

I debated leaving out the kids’ identities or even changing the blog to be completely anonymous, but doesn’t that take away form the beauty and authenticity of the amazing testimony of love and grace that is now the story of our beautiful kids and family? So yes, the good, the bad, the ugly, so you can see God’s grace and all that is possible for them that believe. So our kids can see how god will use their story to touch people all over the country and possibly lead more people to the path of adoption. This is our story…

Happy (Adoption) Anniversary!


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